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SARL Superhero

Salem Animal Rescue League SARL Superheroes: Two illustrations of dogs wearing red superhero capes.

Want to be a Superhero?  
No need to leap tall buildings
in a single bound!

Donations are the lifeblood of our shelter, and here at Salem Animal Rescue League, we have a special name for our community of monthly givers –
SARL Superheroes.  

You can become part of this extraordinary community with a monthly donation of as little as $5.  

A portrait of a dog named Gabriel. Gabriel is a brown and white dog with mostly white on his face. He is holding a lime green Kong brang tennis ball in his mouth.

$5 Monthly Donation
Provides treats and toys
for dogs and cats.

A grey and white cat with grey eyes looking directly at the camera while lying on a blue and white bed.

$10 Monthly Donation
Provides food and shelter for
homeless animals.

A person holding a microchip wand scanning the back of a tan animal for a microchip.

$25 Monthly Donation
Helps pay for microchipping
one dog.

An image collage of three different images of various people with their newly adopted pets.

Since 1992, SARL has provided care to an average of 800 abused and abandoned pets each year. 
Your monthly gift helps us provide housing, food, medical care, forever homes,
and more for cats and dogs!

SARL Superheroes are dedicated, generous and enthusiastically share our mission.

Please, put on your cape and join us!

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