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Certified/Lead Veterinary Technician - Full Time
Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL) is seeking a Certified/Lead Veterinary Technician to fill a fun and
rewarding position in our organization. SARL is a small animal shelter located in Salem, NH.

The Certified/Lead Veterinary Technician oversees the shelter’s day to day medical needs, working
collaboratively with our veterinarian of record. Our vet tech will be a leader, promoter of culture &
environment, an animal ambassador, and a socially conscious sheltering expert. The Certified/Lead
Veterinary Technician is someone with excellent communication and people skills, can work
independently in a busy environment with little to no supervision, who loves animals, and is excited to
make a difference in the lives of homeless pets and the health of our community.

The Certified/Lead Veterinary Technician’s primary responsibility will have oversight management of our
clinic area. Helping to maintain records, facilitate an exam schedule for the day we have our shelter
veterinarian onsite, cleaning and organizing the clinic area, managing inventory, and maintaining
equipment. This full-time position coordinates with the care provided by the external veterinarian
partners and works in a highly collaborative manner with the Canine Manager, Feline Manager, Shelter
Manager and Executive Director.

Summary of Job Purpose
The Certified/Lead Veterinary Technician is responsible for providing humane care for all shelter
animals. The position is responsible for maintaining a safe and sanitary facility for animals and people. In
addition, the Certified/Lead Veterinary Technician will be responsible for working with the Shelter
Veterinarian(s) during exams and surgery, managing inventory, maintaining and supervising medical
charts, cleaning the clinic area, assisting in medical decisions with the Executive Director, and/or Shelter
Manager and Shelter Veterinarian. Additional tasks may be assigned by the Shelter manager/Executive

Critical Competencies
* Strong veterinary knowledge and skills. Surgical experience required.
* Strong Interpersonal skills. Ability to work effectively with veterinarians, fellow staff, volunteers, and the public.
* Ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
* Ability to multitask and work through difficult situations and changes that occur.
* Compartmentalize and work through difficult and emotional situations.
* Safely handle and restrain cats and dogs for exams and medical procedures. Must be competent and fear 
   free when handling and restraining aggressive animals.
* Proficient computer skills
* Strong resource management skills. Provide direction with timely and effective feedback to
* Complete duties assigned from management within deadlines or timely manner.
* Drawing up vaccines
* Monitoring anesthesia
* Maintaining a sanitary environment
* Placing IV catheters
* Wrapping and sanitizing surgical packs
* Collecting samples and running diagnostics
* Ability to learn PetPoint or any other computer program we use to track animals in the shelter.
* Demonstrate understanding of cat and dog behavior as well as safe handling techniques.
* Monitoring the health of the animals on an ongoing basis and rapidly identifying any health
   problems or conditions (medical or behavioral) and immediately reporting it to the Shelter
* Works courteously and cooperatively with the other staff members.
* Working with the Shelter Manager to inventory and order all medical supplies needed for our
   Shelter Veterinarian to complete surgeries, exams, and to run the clinic efficiently.
* Knowledge of medical terminology, equipment, vaccines schedules, medication administrations,
   and safe handling techniques of dogs, cats, and small animals in a clinic setting.
* Ability to perform medical procedures approved for Veterinary Technicians to complete.
* Ability to efficiently assist and coordinate exams and surgeries on the days the Shelter
   Veterinarian is working.
* Creating, uploading, and maintaining all animal medical records, inputting vaccine, medication,
   and procedure dates based on previous medical records, shelter protocols, and/or Shelter or
   other Veterinarian instructions.
* Assisting the other staff with any medical related questions about the shelter animals.
* Working with the Shelter Veterinarian and Shelter Manager/Executive Director to make
   decisions on medical treatments appropriate for our shelter animals
* Other duties as required.

Key Accountabilities
* Independent and Leadership Role: The ability to perform responsibilities with little to no direct
   supervision. Working at shelter, you will have availability to a veterinarian on a consistent but
   periodic basis. Day to day medical decisions will fall under the responsibility of the certified vet
   tech, although a veterinarian is available to be reached by email, text and phone when
   necessary. Certified vet tech must be confident and motivated in decisions and planning.
* Lead role for medical care: Engage regularly and collaboratively with feline and canine managers
   to discuss medical care for the animals at the shelter, foster homes, as well as any incoming
   animals. Stays up to date with medical protocols to collaborate with veterinarians and
   determine best treatment plans.
* Administration and Monitoring of Medications: Dispensing medications and establishing back up
   personnel for dispensing when not at the shelter. Ensuring staff and select volunteers are
   trained properly on how to dispense medications. Ensure our prescriptions are filled in RX
   containers and corresponding medication sheets are complete with full duration, dose and
   dispensing instructions. Updating as needed following changes in medical treatment plans or
   depletion of quantity.
* Immunizations: Ensure that all immunizations are scheduled and administered in a timely
   manner; producing reports from PetPoint as needed to identify what is due each week.
* Medical Treatment Plans and Check-Ups: Identify medical care needs for shelter animals and
   ensure proper follow-up is provided. Triage animals and decide when ER visits are needed.
   Establish weekly schedule based on medical needs. Work with other staff managers to assess
   when unplanned check ups and urgent care need to be added to the schedule for current or
   new incoming animals. Maintain logs and inventory.
* Veterinary Services: Ensure adequate vet and tech coverage, making arrangements as needed to
   ensure that there are no extended periods when a veterinarian is unable to be present at the
   shelter. Primary contact for communications with veterinarians in the shelter. Establish a
   source of back-up veterinarians and techs who the shelter can turn to then regular veterinary
   services are not available.
* Maintain and communicate surgery schedules.
* Take care of shipping and receiving of laboratory supplies, specimens and inventory.
* Compile and issue the weekly Vetting Report
* Medical Supplies and Specialty Food
   o Maintain inventory and order supplies when needed.
   o Conducting expired drug inventory four times a year.
   o Ensure there is sufficient surgical/medical supplies.
   o Order rabies tags
   o Log controlled substances.
   o Manage disposal of needles, drugs, inventory under Drug Enforcement Agency
* Medical Records/Documentation
   o Ensuring proper documentation is entered and maintained in system of record.
   o Send information to staff with updates on the cases for the day.
   o Adding indemnity waivers to the records of animals with special needs.
* Medical Room Maintenance
   o Ensuring that:
      - The medical room is organized and clean
      - Instruments are clean and medical packs are prepared
      - Autoclave is working properly
      - Machine maintenance is completed on time

Specific Job Skills
* Strong interpersonal skills, outgoing, patient, good judgment and ability to work in a team
* Professional personal appearance.
* Ability and initiative to work with minimal supervision and is self-motivated.
* Flexibility and ability to manage multiple tasks.
* The ability to remain pleasant and calm even in stressful situations.
* The ability to ask appropriate questions to gather information along with the ability to feel and
   show empathy for others.
* Comfort and ability to work with animals with unknown backgrounds including medical and
   behavioral issues.

Personal Relations
Treat all animals, staff, volunteers and visitors with dignity and respect on and off the premises. Perform
job duties in a professional, efficient, positive, and helpful manner at all times by communicating
effectively with all departments within the organization.

Working Environment
This is an animal dense environment. There is exposure to cleaning chemicals, fractious animals, and
disgruntled people. Work can be physically and emotionally demanding. There are occasions when
terminally ill or extremely aggressive animals will need to be euthanized humanely.

Full time schedule - 40 hours per week. With some flexibility of which days of the week to work.

Part time option available (25-30 hours a week)  

Job Type: Full-time

Pay commensurate with experience

* Health Benefits
* Simple Retirement Benefit
* Flexible schedule
* Personal Time Off (PTO)
* Development and Career Training
* Employee discount

Ability to commute/relocate:
* Reliable commuting vehicle

* Veterinary/Shelter Experience: 1-2 years (Required)

Work Location:
* Onsite/In person

To apply, please email your resume to

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