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SARL Spay & Neuter Services

We now offer high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter services here at SARL!
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Animals will be dropped off in the morning on the day of their procedure and picked up later that day after recovery. Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled. 

A black puppy holding a cardboard sign that reads "high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter services" with an orange cat lying next

The following services are available for felines:

Spay (females) - $150

Neuter (males) - $125

Rabies Vaccine - $25

FVRCP Vaccine - $30

Ear Cleaning - $20

Microchip - $30


*All cats and dogs will get a nail trim free of charge*


The following services are available for canines:

*Surgery costs are dependent on weight of the dog*

Weight       Male      Female

2-30 lbs        $250      $300

31-60 lbs      $300      $400

61-90 lbs      $350      $500

91-100 lbs    $400      $550

Rabies Vaccine - $25

DAPP Vaccine - $30

Bordetella Vaccine - $30

Ear Cleaning - $20

Microchip - $30


These prices include: pre-operative exam by a doctor, spay or neuter surgery, free nail trim, pain medication at the shelter, and pain medication to go home.


These prices do not include: pre-surgical bloodwork or cone/e-collar. If you wish to have bloodwork done, please visit a full-service GP vet hospital to get that done prior to the day of surgery as we do not have the capability to run pre-surgical bloodwork on site. Otherwise, please understand that blood work will be waived prior to surgery. A pre-operative exam will be done at SARL on the day of surgery to otherwise deem the animal healthy prior to spay or neuter.

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