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Join us for An Afternoon of Animal Communication!
Sunday, May 5th | 12:00 - 3:00 PM
Tickets $25 | Hosted by Luna Bistro

254 N. Broadway, Salem NH
Food and beverage available for purchase

Ginger Hendry and Kathy Rumsey are Animal Communicators who can bridge the gap between humans and animals, both in the physical world and beyond. They have the remarkable ability to hear, understand, and share the messages from your animals, whether they are still with you or have crossed the rainbow bridge.

During this afternoon Gallery of Animal Communication, Ginger and Kathy will connect to as many animal companions as they can and share what the animals want you to know.  (not everyone will receive a reading).  Listening to their messages can provide us with invaluable insights and strengthen the bond we have with our furry family members.

Event Highlights:

  • Experience the magic of animal communication firsthand

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your furry friends' needs and desires

  • Unveil hidden insights into behaviors and emotions

  • Enhance the bond between you and your animal companions

  • Discover the messages from animals who have passed on.

Unlock the power of animal communication and gain invaluable insights into the hearts and minds of your beloved pets. They have so much they want to share with you. Are you ready to listen?

PLEASE NOTE: This session of animal communication will be conducted without having animals present.  Please do not bring your pet(s) to this event, as animals are not permitted inside the restaurant.

Ginger Hendry is an animal communicator with unique insight into the soul of the animals and people that she works with.   Connecting people to their animals for well over a decade and sharing the messages they have for their loved ones brings her joy.  Ginger has been doing this work professionally for many years and has had the privilege of making a difference in the lives of countless animals and their owners.  In addition to animal communication, Ginger is also a Psychic Medium and Energy Practitioner for people and animals, using Reiki, Tapping and Scalar Wave modalities. She is known for her warm, direct and compassionate approach that makes people feel like they are talking to a good friend. 


As an animal communicator, Kathy Rumsey helps animals use their “voice” to give their humans a better understanding of their wants and needs, their likes and dislikes.  Whether you have a concern about the health of your animal or have behaviors that need to be understood or changed, Kathy can convey what is going on from the animals’ point of view.  In addition to animal communication, Kathy is a psychic medium and a Reiki Master for both people as well as animals, using the Let Animals Lead® method.

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