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The Salem Animal Rescue League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered with the state of NH.
4 SARL Drive • Salem, NH • 03079
Phone: (603) 893-3210

Make a Difference

Canine Care: Walk dogs, clean kennels, assist in training dogs, general light cleaning, laundry and lots more! AM, PM & weekend shifts are available.

Feline Care: Clean cages, feed cats, scoop litter boxes, general light cleaning, laundry and lots more! AM, PM & weekend shifts are available.

Foster Care: Provide short- or long-term foster care for cats, dogs, puppies or kittens in your home. Provide training and socialization for our animals. SARL will provide all food, bedding, litter, medication and support. Complete our dog or cat foster applications online. 

Read on! The following tasks are perfect for people with allergies or people who want to help once or twice a year on a specific event. There are lots of ways you can help even if you don't have time to commit to a regular schedule. 

Host a "Paper Towel or Wish List" Drive at your Office, School or Local Coffee House: Set up a box in your office, cafeteria or school classroom. Print out our wish list, and ask people to donate food or other items from our wish list.

Special Events Assistance: Assist at our Golf Tournament, Amber Moonlit Night or other events.

Donation Canisters: Solicit new venues for our donation cans, and deliver the cans to the stores.

Donation Boxes: (at supermarkets, feed stores, etc) Would you be willing to approach a store in your neighborhood that would allow us to have a donation box for pet food and litter? Would you be willing to pick up the donations for our shelter? This allows us to help our Feral Cat and our Meals on Wheels Programs.

Advertising Special Events: Help us create fliers, newsletters, posters, etc. for special events and assist us in distributing them around town.

Grant Writer: Do you have grant writing or legal experience? If so, we need you!

Meal on Wheels: Do you have a car and one spare hour a week? If so, you could help deliver our pet food donations to the senior center in Salem for us.

Tradespeople: Often we need assistance with just one task. Do you have a specific trade or expertise that could help us out? For example, are you an IT specialist? Would you be willing to help us set up a new computer? 

Volunteer Opportunities

Fill out the application for the area you'd like to volunteer for.  

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Welcome Packet

Canine Foster Application

Feline Foster Application

If you have time to give and want to help animals - either through hands-on care, humane education, assisting with clerical work, or lending a hand at a SARL event - we have the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! When you get to know the animals at the Salem Animal Rescue League and their stories, whether beloved owners have passed away, abusive owners they've been removed from, or lost and stray on the dangerous streets, you want to help and protect them until their new, loving owner comes through our doors.

SARL is committed to providing each volunteer with a rewarding and productive experience. We offer a well-structured volunteer program and a chance to make a difference in the lives of our animals. We provide all the necessary orientation, training and support. 


  • You will need to complete an application
  • Attend an orientation with our volunteer coordinator and a program director
  • Train for 2-3 weeks in your area of interest before we put you on the regular schedule
  • We ask that you commit to minimum of 6 hours per month
  • All volunteers must be at least 16 years old to work directly with the animals. (Must be 18 to work with dogs)

Volunteer orientations are held periodically throughout the year based on demand. If a volunteer applicant cannot attend the group orientation, an alternative arrangement can be made with the Volunteer Coordinator upon request. Thank you for your interest in the Salem Animal Rescue League!

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