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Salem Animal Rescue League works with many wonderful transport partners across the U.S. For many animals, a journey to New England is their last chance to find a forever home.

Your donation of $250 will support a transport animal's complete journey from a southern rescue until the day they get adopted from SARL​.

rescue, rehab, re-home, repeat!

why transports matter

Salem Animal Rescue League partners with a variety of different animal rescues and shelters within the United States (and beyond) to find new permanent homes for animals in need. Unlike New England, many areas in the south have extremely high numbers of unwanted and stray animals due to a lack of spaying and neutering. With such a high number of unwanted animals, many of these animals end up in extremely overcrowded kill-shelters. Our rescue partners pull animals who are facing euthanasia from these shelters due to space or time limitations. We are happy that we can assist our partners by providing a safe haven for these animals where we can

We are so thankful to our transport partners, as we work as a team to rescue, rehab, re-home, and repeat!

sammy sunshine: A transport success story

Sam before.jpg

Sam before being transported to SARL

Sam came to us from one of our rescue partners in Florida, Feeling Fine Canine. Sam was left abandoned, tied to a fence, in terrible overall condition. Feeling Fine Canine took her in, treated her medically, gave her all the love she needed to make a full recovery, and transported her to us here in Salem, NH! Sam found her new forever home and is now living her very best life as "Sammy Sunshine." She enjoys snuggling on the couch with her mom, rolling around in the grass, and going for rides to the beach in her Jeep! If Sam had not been taken in by Feeling Fine Canine and transported to SARL, her outcome would have been very different. We are so happy Same is living her very best life!


Sam (now Sammy Sunshine) after SARL found her a forever home: healthy, happy, and deeply adored by her new family!