SARL Mission

The Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL) saves the lives of abandoned, neglected and injured animals by providing a safe haven, compassionate care and new permanent homes for them. 

SARL educates and promotes awareness about humane care and treatment of animals and is committed to reducing overpopulation primarily through its 100% spay/neuter policy to improve the quality of life of the animals and public we serve.

Statement of Benefit

The Salem (NH) Animal Rescue League is actively engaged in finding a new, permanent home where we can continue to provide our life-saving services for years to come.

  • SARL’s current home is on land leased from the Town of Salem, NH, and our lease expires in July 2023.

  • Our strategic plan is to develop our new home with improved facilities and an increased capacity that will enable us to expand the services and value we provide to the community.

  • We need a site that is at least 2.5 acres and is commercially zoned; we have deep roots in Salem and want to stay here if possible.

  • We’re seeking a partner to help us in this endeavor by donating land or making it available to us at a cost that would be feasible for a small, but growing, non-profit organization.

  • As a 501(c) (3) any individual or organization interested in becoming a benefactor to SARL would receive a significant tax incentive in addition to community goodwill.


For nearly three decades, the Salem Animal Rescue League has been saving the lives of homeless, neglected, and abused cats and dogs by providing adoption services, and offering other needed animal related services to the community.

  • SARL is committed to helping every animal they can: the sick and injured, those who face breed discrimination, and especially those whose only hope for a happy ending is our shelter.

  • We are an integral and well-respected community partner, working closely with state and local officials, businesses, other non-profits, and residents to improve the quality of life for the publics we serve.

  • SARL continues to provide much-needed services such as low-cost vaccination and spay/neuter clinics, pet behavior training, support for local food pantries, and other important resources for pet owners.

  • The SARL community includes more than 13,000 followers on social media, the individuals and families that adopt animals or receive services from us each year, local businesses and community members that support our efforts and attend our events year after year.

Renovation Project


Improvements Will Enable
SARL to Better Serve Animals and the Community


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Work in Progress

SARL In The News

sarl overhead_edited.jpg

SALEM, NH – For nearly 30 years, SARL has given a second chance at life to thousands of helpless homeless animals. Now, as the organization’s 30th anniversary approaches, SARL is making major changes that will enable it to save even more animals and expand its ability to provide critical services to the greater Salem community.   

            Extensive renovations are underway at SARL’s campus just off Route 28. The structures that house SARL’s feline and veterinary operations are being demolished and replaced with new structures. The construction is expected to be complete in January 2022.

            According to SARL Executive Director Jinelle Hobson, the improvements are necessary in order for SARL to continue to provide a safe, healthy environment for the animals in its care. SARL also will be able to provide expanded community medicine services such as low-cost vaccine and spay/neuter clinics, which contribute to improved public health and reduce the incidence of unwanted cats and dogs.

            “We need to undertake this project now because the existing structures have become very expensive to maintain, and we’re concerned that if we have a really stormy winter, they could fall into serious disrepair,” Hobson said. “We’re grateful to our community for the grants and donations that make these improvements, as well as everything else we do at SARL, possible.”

            She added, “We hope everyone can join us for our first annual SARL Winter Carnivale on December 10, which will be our biggest fundraiser of the year.”

            To purchase tickets, sponsor, or buy an ad in the SARL Winter Carnivale program book, visit

            SARL leases its current site from the Town of Salem. The term ends in 2023, and SARL is actively looking for a new home, preferably in Salem, where it has always operated and has deep roots in the community.     

            “We’re leasing the new structures, which gives us maximum flexibility. We can take them with us to our new site if that makes sense or pursue other options,” Hobson added.

            “All of us in the SARL organization are very excited about these changes and what the new year, and our 30th anniversary, will bring,” Hobson concluded. “This is a true turning point for SARL, and one that should make the next 30 years even better than the first 30.”