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What is Fostering?

Foster homes provide a safe, stable, and comfortable environment for shelter animals. After being surrendered or transported to SARL, life can be very stressful for animals in a new environment. Foster homes help animals decompress and relax, which also allows us to learn more about what their personality will be like in the home.

what we provide

cat resting

SARL provides all the supplies you will need to care for your foster cat or dog: food, toys, bowl, leash and collar, kennel, etc. All you need to provide is a loving home!

foster a cat

foster a dog

Tiff + Mustachio.jpg

Tiffany Martin

Feline Corodinator

Pictured with: SARL alumnus, Mustachio


Fiona Richert

K9 Coordinator 

Pictured with: SARL alumnus, Chop