As we continue to adopt out hundreds of animals a year, the medical needs of our animals have expanded as well. Many medical procedures are crucial as some of the animals we see are in dire conditions. Other procedures are more common, but the costs may still be quite expensive. 

To help provide the best care we can for these animals, we are creating an emergency medical fund to benefit the animals of SARL. You have the opportunity to help our animals receive the medical attention that could forever change their lives. Medical expenses are a financial stress on our shelter, so we appreciate any and all donations towards this cause.

SARL will do anything we can to ensure our animals are safe, well-loved, and cared for; but it's times like these when we need to reach out to our community for support. Please consider donating to our emergency medical fund to give our most needy animals a fighting chance at living a happy and healthy life.

To donate by check, please include all pertinent information with your check and mail it to:
Salem Animal Rescue League
4 SARL Drive
Salem, NH 03079

Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods, we do not issue refunds once a membership is purchased or donation is made. As a customer/donor, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing a membership or making a donation at our site.