Medical Lifesaver- $5,000
With hundreds of animals adopted each year, the medical costs continue to be very expensive. The Medical Lifesaver will help us provide medical treatments for the animals in our care. In addition to being spayed/neutered, our adoptable animals are also up to date on their age appropriate vaccinations.

As a Medical Lifesaver, you will be given the opportunity to put your business logo or individual name on one of our campus trailers. There can be a lot of traffic on campus during adoption hours, so your logo or name will be seen by many. You will receive a complimentary placement on our website, listed as a Medical Lifesaver, with a link to your business and a logo on our monthly newsletter. If you are an individual, you can receive a complimentary photo on our website and newsletter. Your business logo or individual name will be included in one of our Facebook posts as well.

Transport Rescuer- $2,500
The Transport Rescuer plays an important role here at SARL. Many of our animals come from other shelters, due to overpopulation and lack of space, among others. By contributing to SARL at this level, you are helping us make sure that these animals are transported safely to our care. Transporting animals to us can be very costly, so this contribution helps us receive animals that we can then place in permanent homes.

As a Transport Rescuer, you will be able to place your business logo or your individual name on one of our outside transport pens. This is where many of our dogs that come from transports stay or where the dogs can get some sunshine in the warmer weather. You will also receive a complimentary placement on our website, listed as a Transport Rescuer, with a logo and a link to your business or a photo of an individual. Your business logo or individual name will be included in one of our Facebook posts as well.

Nutritional Provider- $1,000
The Nutritional Provider is a key “ingredient” in making SARL a safe and loving place for animals to live until they find their forever home. We care for hundreds of animals every year, and that adds up to a lot of mouths to feed! Help us make sure that all of our animals are well fed with the nutritious and filling meals we provide.

As a Nutritional Provider, your business logo or individual name will be placed on a cat or dog cage. These cages are seen by all the potential adopters so it is a great way to show how you have supported one of the basic needs of our animals. Your business logo or individual name will be posted on our Facebook page, listed as a Nutritional Provider.

Campus Companion- $500
Our campus is full of life! There is plenty to see and do, and we need the support of contributions like this to help keep us running. Our trailers need electricity, water, and heat or air conditioning so that our animals are comfortable and our staff can care for them. We have yard work, landscaping, lawn mowing, and snow removal that helps us maintain our campus grounds. This allows potential adopters to enjoy their visit at SARL, which means more animals are adopted!

As a Campus Companion, your business logo or individual name will be affixed to a wall in the administrative trailer. Any visitors that come to meet with staff or pass through these offices will be able to see the acknowledgment of your contribution. You will also receive a complimentary garden stake sign on one of our plots of land to thank you for helping us look clean and presentable!

Safehaven Supplier- $250
SARL does amazing work, and we could not do it without all the supplies we have. We house not only all our cats and dogs but staff offices, donations, medical equipment, and much more. The supplies we use could be for animal care, such as feeding bowls, scratching posts, and dog collars. This allows us to continue caring for the animals in our shelter. The supplies could also be office materials, such as copy paper, ink and toner, rolls of stamps, and mailing envelopes. We use these materials on a daily basis to keep in constant communication with our donors, adopters, and volunteers.

As a Safehaven Supplier, your business logo or individual name will be affixed to our donation shed. This shed holds food, toys, blankets, treats, and anything else people have been kind enough to donate to SARL. Your logo or name will be seen every time we use our shed to store what we receive.

Shelter Supporter-$100
SARL does not receive any state or federal funding. We rely on generous supporters like you to so that we can do our work of finding our animals safe and permanent homes. In order to put our animals up for adoption for these homes, we need to make sure that all of our animals’ cages and equipment are clean and sanitary. We frequently use laundry 
detergent (HE), paper towels, dishwashing detergent, bleach, and trash bags. Supporting our shelter allows us to help our animals in the best way possible by finding loving, forever homes!

As a Shelter Supporter, your business logo or individual name will be listed on one of our sheds that we use to store our extra supplies. Your logo or name will be listed as a Shelter Supporter.

As an organization that does not receive any state or federal funding, we rely on the support of our donors to help us continue being the voice for animals in need of a forever home. These memberships are a way for our shelter to further grow and thrive in our future endeavors. The kick off date is September 1, 2016. To receive the maximum amount of benefits and exposure for a full year, you can sign up starting September 1st. Please note that packages can be purchased at any point in time, however, September 1st is the date to renew all packages.

Membership Packages