A Dog Named Jake...

Other questions? Reach out to his foster dad, Andrew, at jaclaydon1965@gmail.com

for more info. 

Please note: Jake is offsite from SARL. Any interested adopters should reach out to SARL's canine department at 603-893-3210 ext 200 to make an appointment. He will not be on campus during open adoption hours. You must make an appointment if you'd like to meet him. 

Jake is a 2 year old male who is currently in foster with his fabulous foster parents, our very own Janice and Andrew. Read his profile below!

Jake is a very special dog who is looking for patient and nurturing adopters. Although still young in age, Jake has not had the easiest life so far. Jake would benefit from being in a home where his adopters are patient and understanding that he will need plenty of time to gain trust and comfort from his new people. Once he gains your trust, Jake is a sweet, loving boy. Because Jake can be nervous with loud noises and sudden movements, we would recommend an adult, dog-savvy home. 

While at SARL, Jake enjoys spending time with staff and volunteers in a quiet setting where he can hang out on his dog bed and get gentle affection! He loves playing with his big green ball and makes an excellent soccer player. A fenced yard to do this all day would be his dream come true!

Jake will need dedicated individuals who are willing to meet him multiple times before finalizing an adoption to create a bond with him. Are you the person Jake is looking for? Jake is currently in foster so please contact SARL to speak with adoption staff to learn more, or fill out an online application HERE

Want to help Jake get adopted to his forever home? We are looking for some donors to help cover the cost of training for Jake so his new family can provide the necessary training for him. We want to make sure we are setting Jake up for success in his new home! By donating towards this fund, you are helping Jake and his new family ensure that he gets what he needs to feel safe, comfortable, and secure. We believe all of our dogs deserve the chance to be the best dog they can be! 

It will cost approximately $400 for a consultation and several sessions of one-on-one, in-home training. The money we raise for Jake will be used to provide this training once he gets adopted. Any additional money raised after we cover this cost will go towards his supplies for his new home, such as a crate, Martingale collar, Easy Walk harness, etc.