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Recycling Programs

Make a contribution to SARL and the environment by donating your recyclable items to us!  We can turn your old phones, empty printer cartridges and newspapers into cash!


We can accept the following items to recycle for cash: 

  cell phones  inkjet cartridges
  digital cameras  laptops
  GPS systems  MP3 players
  headphones  toner cartridges


SARL gets paid by the ton for paper recycling collected in our Paper Retriever® Bin that's located behind Judy's Kitty City.

What Goes in the Paper Retriever® Bin


Newspaper and Inserts – New newsprint can be made from 100% recycled paper. No virgin fiber has to be added when using this type of process.

Magazines/catalogs – Our Retriever program is happy to take magazines and catalogs, all slick paper. We can use all this high quality/high fiber paper with the exception of any paper coated in wax.

Office/School papers – These types of paper are highly recyclable. Because of the proliferation of paper created by offices and schools, please use the Retriever bin to recycle all that you can. We are able to accept window envelopes, paperback books, workbooks and staples without a problem. Shredded paper is acceptable but please bag the shreds before putting them in the Retriever bin. However, please do not recycle colored paper, wrapping or tissue paper, carbon paper or sticky notes.

Mail – Most direct mail is printed on high quality recyclable paper. Please recycle the mail that you feel comfortable putting in our recycling bin.


No Cardboard – We do not accept cardboard in any of our Retriever bins. We supply our mills with the recycled fiber we collect through the Retriever program to create new newsprint. Cardboard should not be used in making newsprint due to the excessive bleaching required. However, cardboard is a valuable recycling commodity and should be recycled. Please research cardboard recycling options in your area.

No food boxes, fiberboard or chipboard – Cereal boxes, soda boxes and other paper food containers should be recycled with your cardboard. Please do not put these in the Retriever bin.

No textbooks or hard cover books – We do not have the equipment to modify these types of recyclables in the Retriever system. Please research other options for recycling these items.

No Phone Books – We do not accept phone books in our Retriever bins. We supply our mills with the recycled fiber we collect through the Retriever program to create new newsprint. Phone Books cannot be used in making newsprint. The fibers in the pages of the phone book are in their smallest form and do not contribute to the fiber needed for newsprint. Also, it is very hard to remove the ink from a phone book page. However, phone books are a valuable recycling commodity and should be recycled in the proper capacity. Please research phone book recycling options in your area.